Ana Laura López de la Torre


Ana Laura López de la Torre has been commissioned by Peckham Space to work with Harris Academy Peckham on a project addressing the theme of neighbours. Unfortunately, the resulting film entitled ‘The Interior of the School is also my Exterior’ was not able to be screened at Peckham Space but has been shown privately to invited audiences on a number of occasions.

Harris Academy Peckham and Peckham Space are working together on projects which aim to bring artists together with students from the Academy in order to develop creative activities and ambitions.

As part of her commission for Peckham Space, Ana Laura López de la Torre has invited neighbouring organisations to put on talks, screenings, walks and performances in and around our new venue. Please visit our public programme page for details of this events programme, Neighbours.

Ana Laura López de la Torre is an artist and writer currently based in Uruguay. Using the overlooked and the underrated as a starting point, her work creates visible and unexpected connections between things, people and places. Her practice is process-based, often acting as a catalyst and involving disparate constituencies with common interests but conflicting agendas, Ana Laura’s work explores the meaning of the local as a critical context for artistic production.

Ana Laura’s commissions record includes projects for the ICA, the Whitechapel Art Gallery, Arts & Business, Gasworks, La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Independent Photography, Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the South London Gallery. She works collaboratively with other artists, community organisations and people from all walks of life.

More recently she has completed the 2008-9 Southwark Studio Residency – an award by ACME Studios, the South London Gallery and Southwark Council – with the launch of the artist book Night Time. A recent solo show at Gasworks presented her long-term project Do you remember Olive Morris? in collaboration with the Remembering Olive Collective. She is currently undertaking a PhD at Chelsea College of Art and Design and worked on the inaugural commission for Peckham Space in 2010. Working with Harris Academy Peckham and taking the theme of neighbours as a starting point, her film The Inside of the School is also my Exterior, takes us on a filmic tour of the local secondary school, by the hand of students and teachers. We are still awaiting sign-off of the film by the school.

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