David Blandy


David Blandy is primarily a video artist whose work investigates the cultural forces that inform and influence him, using himself as an anthropological subject.

In many of his films he embarks upon a personal quest for truth and authentic experience via the cultures that have shaped him, in particular mixing the styles of Eastern and Western art. His works slip between performance and video, reality and construct, using references sampled from the wide, disparate sources that provide him (and perhaps our) sense of self. He often draws upon his alter egos (The White and Black Minstrel, Barefoot Lone Pilgrim) to act out these tensions and reveal the complexities of the post-colonial condition.

Since 2013 David Blandy has also been working with Larry Achiampong, exploring the legacy of the colonial condition.

David Blandy is represented by Seventeen Gallery and his video works are distributed by Lux.