Sarah Cole


Sarah Cole’s practice involves the orchestration of collaborative encounters as a form of live research into lived experience. She is interested in making connections between people, situations and places and in finding ways to explore shared ideas through experimentation and play. She often works for extended periods of time with groups and individuals to generate work that may take the form of live events, installations, recordings, photographs and publications.

Over the past ten years Sarah has developed a process-based collaborative methodology which adapts to the circumstances and duration of where, and with whom, she works. This socially pedagogic enquiry has evolved into a discourse about care, and has included her working for three years in a primary school, Nest, with teenage parents and their children in Smother, and most recently, In-Kind, a touring one-to-one performance in an ex-military ambulance, exploring the lives of long-term carers.

Sarah has worked with many organisations, including Artangel, the National Theatre and the South London Gallery. She has shown work internationally, and is a senior lecturer at Central Saint Martins College. She has also placed a live horse in a classroom, presented a performance about spitting at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and filled a school 240 foot corridor with broken eggshells.

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