The People Speak

The People Speak are an art collective who primarily take their practice into the public domain of everyday civic space. They utilise familiar media formats such as TV game shows, discussion programmes and radio shows that are reconfigured to put the editorial decisions and the agendas in the hands of the participants. The work gets groups of strangers talking, thinking and being uninhibitedly creative together. As The People Speak byline puts it, they create ‘tools for the world to take over itself’.

The People Speak have developed a number of projects, one of which is Talkaoke, a ‘mobile talk show’ that hosts open debates dependent on who is sitting around the table. In 2002 The People Speak hosted conversations as part of Star Salon at the Tate Liverpool. They have since toured internationally as part of ISEA with their project Traffic Island Discs, ‘a radio show that sounds out the city’. In 2005 they were in EAST 05 as well as the National Gallery in Prague as part of the Prague Biennale. In 2007 they were part of Sleep Over at the Tate Modern and more recently their project Who Wants to Be, ‘a direct democracy game show’ was awarded a major commission from Contemporary Art Norwich.