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Event: Artist Talk ‘You Can’t Kill an Idea…’ Edit, Doing Nothing is Not an Option
Date: 15/10/2015
Panel: Michael McMillan in conversation with David A Bailey, Project Curator for Action Saro-Wiwa.
Venue: Peckham Platform

Description: Artist and writer Michael McMillan explores how the interdisciplinary nature of his practice has emerged and developed and investigates the influence of other practitioners and the questions his work raises about diasporic migration, identity, ethics and aesthetics, as well as the commissioning process of developing Doing Nothing is Not an Option.

Michael McMillan refers to the following works:
1. Brother to Brother (1996 & 1998)
2. Portrait of a Shopping Centre as a Cathedral (a collaboration with mixed media artist Keith Piper, Dalston Cross Shopping Centre 1990)
3. The Last Blind Date Show (Earl Grey Square, Newcastle 1992)
4. The West Indian Front Room (Geffrye Museum 2005-06)
5. A Living Room Surrounded by Salt (Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao 2008)
6. I Miss My Mum’s Cooking (Who More Sci-Fi Than Us, KAdE Kunsthal, Amersfoort, Netherlands 2012)
7. The Waiting Room (in Stories and Journeys, Gwynedd Museum & Art Gallery, Bangor, North Wales, 2012)

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