Social Arts Research


“Peckham Platform has proven itself to be a shining beacon in bringing together artists’ practices and community interest to embed contemporary art in a great unfolding programme of productive dialogues in London.”

Artist Sonia Boyce MBE and NESTA Fellow

Peckham Platform’s reputation demonstrates a dedication to creating meaningful and accessible social arts practice for Peckham and beyond. We have established enduring relationships with the most celebrated social arts practitioners in the UK. We also have enduring relationships with many Higher Education institutions, including University of the Arts London, Birkbeck, University of London and Goldsmiths College, University of London. We work closely with them to engage their students, refine understanding, shape their curricula and illuminate this field of debate. These relationships are nourishing for us and for the communities we directly serve.

It is through these relationships that we have identified a need to increase the provision for and learning around contemporary social arts practice. The following communities have expressed an interest in this provision: invested higher education institutions; professional and emerging artists; arts professionals committed to learning how they can put people at the core of their practice and organisations who aspire to develop their relationship with their communities in fundamental ways.

We want to increase engagement and support the wider development of research for social arts practice through the work that we do. In the long term we see our role as key to facilitating a wider and more in depth debate around these practices through research partnerships and developing a dedicated learning resource. For more information about our work, please click on the side buttons on the left of this page and join our newsletter.