News3Ms to Healing with Enam Gbewonyo


3Ms to Healing with Enam Gbewonyo

Textile and performance artist Enam Gbewonyo, founder of the Black British Female Artist Collective begins a four-part craft workshop for Black women in April.

The workshops focus on healing generational trauma through meditation, movement and making, known as the 3Ms. Guests are guided through simple hand embroidery exercises developing meaningful words through conversations. These conversations are a space to connect and share personal experiences. Themes include the intersectionalities and lived experiences of race, social and climate justice.

The pieces created will exist within a larger artwork produced by Enam Gbewonyo as the artist engages with Black women from local communities across the UK to document their stories through these pieces. The final artwork will then be incorporated into a new performance. Enam’s workshops are part of our intergenerational placemaking project, Tilting the Mirror, and 3Ms to Healing is made possible with additional support from the Cosmic Foundation and LCRF.

Upcoming projects for Peckham Platform in 2021 include: Tilting the Mirror, an intergenerational placemaking project co-led by community partners and Resolve, an interdisciplinary design collective, and Digital Tapestry, with Meera Shakti Osborne, producer A.G. and a new public realm artwork based on Peckham High Street with designer Azarra Amoy.

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