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Below you can find a range of creative challenges led by Youth Platform Coordinators Farrah and Ellie. Each challenge is posted on Youth Platform’s Instagram every Thursday at 3.00pm.
We’re pulling out the ink, paint, pencils and more to experiment with activities from Mark Making to relaxing Fluid Painting.

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Patterns and Textures with Watercolours

You will need
Cups of water
Small fabric pieces
Oil (silicone, baby oil or sunflower)
Gloves, tissue and paintbrushes

Scenic Home Paintings

You will need
Any sized paper or card
ink wash pen, paintbrushes and water
acrylic paints
oil paints

Mindfulness Drawing


You will need
Any sized paper or card
Pens, markers, pencils, crayons, paint – to outline and colour


Fluid Painting


You will need:
Masking tape; water, plastic cups, pouring medium or glue and water mixed together, acrylic paints, silicone oil or cooking oil (vegetable, sunflower etc); paint brushes and latex gloves

Make a Mini Zine

You will need
A4 paper or card
Scissors (You may want to ask an adult if you need help with cutting the paper or card)
Pens, markers, pencils, crayons – whatever takes your fancy.

Mark Making

You will need
drawing ink or water colour paint
household objects

Learn to Embroidery Stitch

You will need:
Aida 14 count embroidery fabric
Embroidery thread

Still Life Drawing

You will need:
Pens, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener,

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live still life video using household objects

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You will need:
Ink and paint
A flat surface