NewsPeckham Platform's Pledge - We Stand Together

On 3 June 2020, Peckham Platform made a public statement that voiced our grief and anger during this time of collective mourning and action.

Addressing racial inequality has always been an important element of Peckham Platform’s work. Recent events in the UK and beyond have exposed the extent of systemic and institutional racism and have led us to deepen our commitment to addressing the structural inequities of how we operate as an organisation.

As part of this process we pledge to:
Actively work to diversify our senior leadership and ensure that the artistic vision and governance of Peckham Platform is relevant to the needs of contemporary society and the communities of colour we serve.

Advocate for and support change across the sector. This includes asking our funders to financially support deep institutional change and encouraging the wider cultural sector to address the depth of institutional racism within their own organisations.

Encourage younger people of colour to enter the creative sector through support and mentoring. Progress those already in the sector through leadership roles and other avenues of personal and professional development.

Embed anti-racism, human rights and anti-discrimination into our artistic programme, and work towards the development of a publicly accessible resource dedicated to the explicit promotion of anti-racism and black activism within the arts.

Develop and review of our policies and recruitment procedures to ensure they are effective, anti-racist, and anti-discriminatory on multiple levels.

Promote respect, self care and positive well-being as central to the work of dismantling racism. Acknowledge the space needed for recovery from trauma in the experiences for people of colour, and facilitate this for our employees through measures such as paid leave.

These are live conversations from a small but committed team working towards change with care and consideration. We plan to develop further content that speaks to these pledges and ensures we are accountable to them over the coming weeks and months.
We welcome feedback and suggestions.