NewsUAL students and Peckham Platform explore social art resource


25 April 2019
Social Art Network, Tate Exchange

Peckham Platform and a group of UAL students have been working alongside artists Jai Taylor and Rosalie Schweiker to playfully explore approaches to art and social arts practice which go beyond exhibition making.

UAL students questioned the concept of social art with leading artists and curators, focusing on what a useful social art resource needs to include and who will be able to access and own it.

The working group held regular workshops at different spaces, including Peckham Platform, over a period of months, culminating in an informative and interactive workshop at Tate Exchange in April 2019.

Honest conversations took place with people from across the social art world to explore how these occasionally personal and self-organised specific projects can be displayed in an archival setting. This project is part of Peckham Platform’s ambition to create a dedicated social arts resource in its new gallery.

Questions that sparked conversations on the day included:

What is social?
What is art?
What is a resource?
Under which criteria are you collecting?
What about the material that is too big or too small to be stored in this bag?
How are the materials preserved and protected?
How can this resource be used and by whom?
Where is it kept?
How are the things inside categorised, explained and labelled?
How could you archive an atmosphere?
Who could activate this material?
Who does this bag and its contents belong to?
What about an anti-social art resource?
Would you collect differently if you knew it ended up at the Tate?