NewsWhat's next for Peckham Platform?


In 2016 – 2017 Peckham Library Square is undergoing development led by Southwark Council. The latest plans for Peckham Library Square are available here.

In order for the improvements to take place we will need to move out of our current gallery this autumn. While work is underway, Peckham Platform will open in a temporary space in Peckham. We will let you know as soon as we have found our new home and we look forward to welcoming you there.

When the development of Peckham Library Square is finished there will be a new, larger gallery. Southwark Council are running an open application process to decide who should occupy this space. We fully support Southwark’s approach and we are currently preparing our bid to take on the running of the gallery.

If we are successful, we hope to open our new gallery in Peckham Library Square in spring 2018. If we are not successful we will find a new permanent home in the area. Either way, Peckham Platform will continue to grow and develop – we are committed to staying in Peckham, and serving the local community here by having a gallery that is open and accessible to all.

We are excited about the developments in Peckham Library Square and think that they will create an even more vibrant cultural space. They also give us a great opportunity to think about our work and exhibitions and how they might develop and progress.

Our final exhibition in the current gallery will be OPEN16 in the autumn, more information on that will follow soon.

Thank you for your on-going support of Peckham Platform, it makes what we do worthwhile, and we hope you will continue to support us as we grow.