NewsWinners announced - OPEN 2012


This year, for the first time ever, Peckham Space has introduced the ‘Best in Show’ prize as part of our OPEN 2012. The winners were announced at last Friday’s opening event, with over 200 people voting for their favourite 2D and 3D artworks in this extremely popular exhibition.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of the public vote are:

For 2D, Erica Parrett with her knitted balaclava entitled I live next door to Mad Frankie Fraser.
For 3D, Celine Villaneou (pictured, below) with her wall-mounted cardboard sculpture, Horse with no name #2.

A specially-invited panel of judges from the galleries and studios in Peckham and beyond were also asked to choose their favourite work in each category. The winners of the panel vote are:

For 2D, Jacquie Utley with her oil painting Untitled.
For 3D, Charlotte Mei (pictured, above) with her ceramic works entitled Plates.

The winners received a cash prize of £25 each. Two more prizes for the best performances will be given at tomorrow night’s Performance showcase event, 6-9pm. Come along to cast your vote for your favourite!

Visit the event page to find out more about tomorrow night’s showcase.

And visit the exhibition page to find out more about the exhibition.


Celine Villaneou collects her prize at the OPEN 2012 launch night.