Children and young people are integral to Peckham Platform and we emphatically assert their right to be active cultural producers. Their contribution to the narrative of the gallery, the future of Southwark, and to wider cultural and social discourse is vital.

Throughout all of our exhibitions Peckham Platform aims to provide an exciting range of activities and workshops for people of all ages to learn, participate and engage with our programme.

Children and young people account for up to 25% of our audiences at Peckham Platform. These audiences engage with the gallery through a range of different activities and opportunities. Our provision starts at primary school age with free creative learning activities that take place at the gallery as part of our exhibitions and our Arts Award programme that engages local schools. As these visitors progress into secondary school they are invited to become part of the Youth Platform and to participate in our commissioned projects for young people. This progression route culminates in support into higher education, employment, volunteering positions and further arts opportunities.

The principle aim of the learning programme is to increase diversity and improve access to the arts. If you would like to support us in the work that we do please read more on our Support Us page.

You can keep up to date with the learning programme at Peckham Platform by following our blog here.