Six students from the BA Fine Art course at Central Saint Martins have been working with Peckham Platform to explore methodologies of socially engaged practice. This research is part of an on-going dialogue between the XD Pathway at CSM and Peckham Platform’s Social Arts Research Network, extending from the work of Dr Danny McNally, researcher in residence, and artist Sarah Cole.

The students were asked to identify an aspect of their practice that could be opened up to a more social approach. This was different for each of them, and the resulting work represents a set of questions in which they tried to see how else they could operate, research, challenge and test their ideas within the context of Peckham Square and the gallery.


…can I make something ‘unknown’, that surprises me because it is made with other people?

…can I test what art looks like, outside of the gallery?

…might the setting of Peckham contextualize my work?

…can I manipulate space to facilitate an interaction?

…can I open up the research processes of my work?

…can I set up a conversational situation?