Françoise Dupré and Rebecca Snow


Artists Dupré and Snow have collaborated on international community art projects since 2009, using a participatory approach to explore subjects including contemporary art, the history of World War Two and rocket science.

Françoise Dupré is a London-based French-born artist who creates large textile and sculpture installations that celebrate the everyday and cultures. Combining individual and collaborative-participatory approaches, Dupré leads international and transcultural art projects in collaboration with a wide range of communities and social contexts including migration, post-conflict and health. 

Rebecca Snow is an education artist engaging in community art projects. Snow works in a visual art context in schools, galleries and hospitals. Using a participatory approach to contemporary art and cross-curricular projects, she works across ages to engage and enable creativity.

In 2015 Peckham Platform commissioned Dupré to lead a project in collaboration with Snow and the people of Peckham and Southwark. The resulting Dora Project connects the deaths of 2500 Londoners from V2 rocket attacks between September 1944 – March 1945 with Mittelbau-Dora Nazi Concentration Camp in Germany, where V2 rockets were assembled by slave labourers in an underground factory and more than 20,000 inmates died. An exhibition at Peckham Platform in 2016 brought together artworks and film by the artists and local communities.

Their work was also part of the 2016 Peckham Platform Retrospective exhibition, a timeline of all 20 artists commissions realised by Peckham Platform between 2010 – 2016.

Artist Francoise Dupre

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