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As a creative and educational charity, Peckham Platform brings together local communities and leading artists to co-produce creative projects, playing an active and essential role in making art accessible to all with a particular focus on the hyper local to support resident communities We define this way of working as Social Art.

Art plays such a vital role in life, wellbeing, and social discourse, that we are committed to ensuring that it is focused on the experiences of local people and directly responds to their needs.

We are part of a cultural network connecting a mix of new and established, working class, creative and often vulnerable residents. Through our community embedded programming we collaborate with our communities so they can lead in negotiating rapid changes in the area as well as to make space for each other.

Together we are better positioned to face the challenges of rapid regeneration, providing a safe space for people to create art, question it, connect with it, be influenced and lead with it.

Our Impact

Last year, we:

Reached an audience of over 180,000 people

Facilitated 10 artist collaborations

Held 3 new major exhibitions

Collaborated with 448 local people to co-develop our commissions, projects and programmes

Provided weekly mentorship and skills development to 46 young people through Youth Platform

Tailored 100% of all participation opportunities to communities experiencing or risking marginalisation

Our Goal

Over the last fifteen years, we have become integral to Peckham’s unique cultural ecology, consistently delivering high-quality, ambitious community-led art initiatives which impact both locally and internationally.

Peckham Platform is guided by key principles and goals:

Showcase artists and support them to co-lead community-collaborative projects.

Provide visibility to artists of global majority heritage, working-class backgrounds, intersectional identities, and those at the start of their careers.

Strengthen community cohesion, supporting future workforce diversity, and enhancing Peckham as a place to live, work, and visit.

Upskill, empower, and encourage different perspectives; build problem solving skills, confidence and resilience; grow aspirations; and support progression into creative industries, especially for younger participants.

Welcome local communities to help shape and deliver our artistic vision and engage local residents to inspire positive social change in our area.

Create sustainable cultural production with a venue, operation and programme that models best practice environmental approaches.

Our Home

In 2025, our new home, designed by Knox Bhavan, on Peckham Square will open, unlocking significant new benefits for audiences, participants, and local communities. This new chapter will continue all the work that we have developed up to now, as well as the legacies of generations that have activated the Square and the Rye. We look forward to expanding and developing the important creative work we do with children, young people, families, elders, and all communities in Peckham.

The new space will help us to:

Provide free access to art, to new audiences and the local communities.

Double our programme and enhance opportunities through increased space, resources, commissioning, and mentorship.

Deliver at least three artist commissions a year focused on our priority communities: those of global majority heritage, working-class people, and those with intersecting protected characteristics around age, disability, self-identification, and sexual orientation.

Support the development of future workforce with 350 annual participation opportunities embedding skills development with mentorships and training opportunities.

Create at least eleven new permanent jobs, twenty volunteering opportunities, and 40,000 people visiting the space every year.

Diversify income generation by establishing earned income streams, fundraising, and productive partnerships.

Get involved

Get involved with Peckham Platform and help us make a difference in our community by making art and creation accessible to all.

If you would like to support our new building or one of our programmes please contact for more information.

    Support Art, People & Place

    We believe that Peckham Platform is essential to Peckham and the art sector more widely. If you can donate funds, time or expertise to help us collectively achieve our vision and meet this target we want to hear from you. Help us create a legacy for Peckham and beyond.

    For more information or to have an informal discussion please contact Karin Kihlberg on

    • "Peckham Platform has proven itself to be a shining beacon in bringing together artists’ practices and community interest to embed contemporary art in a great unfolding programme of productive dialogues in London."

      Sonia Boyce MBE


    • "I have been impressed by the range and quality of Peckham Platform’s programme as well as their commitment to producing new work in partnership with local organisations and residents. Many arts organisations seek to be at the heart of their communities, but few live up to that aspiration as consistently as Peckham Platform."

      Matthew Taylor

      Chief Executive, RSA

    • "The gallery’s location on Peckham High Street is unique and significant, connecting walking routes for local children and students, lying across the interchange between affluent and less affluent areas, and along the line between Camberwell School of Art and Goldsmiths. This site is central to the organisation’s identity, audience relationships, impact and value."

      Amanda Decker

      Acting Head of Culture Mayor’s Office


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