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muf architecture/art was established in 1995 and has never had fewer than 80% female members, including founding partners Katherine Clarke and Liza Fior.

Projects range from urban design schemes to small-scale temporary interventions via landscapes and buildings – a continual dialogue between details and strategy. Interested in the design of public spaces, and in making spaces public, muf engages with, and builds on, the capacity of local communities to deliver high quality and sustainable outcomes.

With a studio in east London muf has worked on many local projects as well as urban strategies in the cities of Pittsburgh, Cologne and Gothenburg. Dedicated to creating shared public spaces for more than one (fragile) thing at a time, muf’s work has been recognised internationally, nationally and locally by the European Prize for Public Space, Mies Van der Rohe Prize, Swiss Prize for Architecture, RIBA, Housing Design Awards, Landscape Institute and Hackney Design Awards.

In 2019 Peckham Platform commissioned muf to work with our Youth Platform and the Horniman Museum’s Youth Panel on My Model City, My Dream Today, Our Dreams Tomorrow, an exhibition rethinking the future of Peckham and its communities.

More Artists


Artist Anna Best in coat and scarf looking at the camera

Anna Best

Anna Best holds a process-based practice into narrative structures and the complicated process of making art with other people.

Portrait of artist Michael McMillan

Michael McMillan

Born in the UK of Caribbean migrant parents, artist and writer Michael McMillan uses mixed media as part of a creative collaborative process that brings in other artists and local people for performances and exhibitions.

Artist Ruth Beale sitting at a desk in a library

Ruth Beale

Ruth Beale’s practice considers the evocative relationships between culture, governance, social discourse and representation.

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