Yvonne E. Maxwell


Yvonne E. Maxwell is a Saint Lucian-Nigerian self-taught documentary photographer, writer and columnist whose work covers stories on migration, social justice, culture and identity of the Black communities within London and the wider UK. Yvonne also extends her focus to stories surrounding ancestral ties, cultures, familial relationships, health, sexuality and human rights of people from across the global African and Caribbean diasporas. 

Her art practice uses photography, words and moving images as a method of critical analysis of society and state, looking to the past, present and imagined futures to shape these mediums.

Yvonne began her journey in 2019, and has worked with Vittles, The Wellcome Collection, SUITCASE Magazine, Open City, Goldsmiths CCA, Level Up, Eater (US), Resy, PIT Magazine, Plantain Papers, among others.

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