Lottie Child


The artist Lottie Child works and lives in London. Her practice includes participatory, live art explorations of public space, utilising strategies of collaboration and spontaneous interaction. These strategies can be conceived as ‘urban survival skills for the twenty first century’ that explore notions of play, the politics of the urban built environment, risk taking and the use of new technologies.
Through her work, people are invited to share their expertise and subjective responses to the notions of freedom of movement and anti social behaviour in increasingly sanitised and controlled urban environments. Previous projects include Guerrilla Gardening, Tannoy Hijacking, Guide to Risk in the City, Hi5 Game for Cyclists and Climbing Club.

Since 2000 her practice has included gallery and art education, as well as residencies and live art events both nationally and internationally. In 2006 she was part of Situations at Arnolfini, Bristol and in 2007 she was part of Architecture Week and ARS Electronica. This year she will be part of Games Theory at the South London Gallery as well as receiving British Council funded Artists Links Brazil 2008.

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