Drew Sinclair


Drew Sinclair is a student of creativity and is currently doing his master’s in transpersonal arts counselling at Tobias School of Art and Therapy

Drew is an Artist/Graphic designer, creating graphic harvests and facilitating creative embodiment workshops, incorporating Art, sound, movement and origami. He  is a softly spoken young man whose heart often buzzes with the excitement of pollen covered bees, and whose mind occasionally receives thoughts as resplendent as the symmetry in butterfly wings. He inhales and exhales and knows all else will follow, it is this way of being that has allowed Drew in his last several journeys around the Sun to become experienced in many forms of creativity. Painting, sculpture, creative writing, film, animation, graphic design, chi gong, capoeira, percussion, Song and Origami.

We live in a world where we may often look to external sources for meaning and happiness. Yet within each of us, lies the key to feeling stronger, happier and more capable. The answer is as simple as taking a few moments to ourselves, to breathe, move, sing, take up a colourful piece of paper fold it up and see what you can make.

A portrait of a young man in profile with his eyes peacefully closed and his locs held back in a bun.

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