NewsResponding to Black Lives Matter - We Stand Together


We stand together in grief and anger during this period of collective mourning.

It is essential that we recognise and condemn not only the continued acts of police brutality in USA, but also the demonstrations of systemic and institutional racism against people of colour in the UK as exemplified by the Windrush scandal and the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on already vulnerable black and brown communities.

At Peckham Platform we will continue to amplify the valuable work of artist activists, and support communities that not only lead in confronting these inequalities but also create value through sharing their resources.

We in the arts must address not only the insularity and exploitative nature of our institutional and organisational structures but also our own levels of comfort in exclusionary practices and cultural gate-keeping. There is constant work to be done and we pledge to do more to actively support useful and radical work in Peckham and beyond.

The Peckham Platform Team