Tolu Elusadé



Yoruba Londoner, Visual Artist and Storyteller. 

Using analogue photography and poetry as creative mediums, Elusadé aims to document, archive and preserve ideas cultivated from the desire to deeply understand themselves and the world around them.

At the heart of her practice, she connects intergenerational communities with art activism, preserving aural and tangible histories through authentic creation.

Aiming to create and share imagery to illuminate the magic in the mundane, Elusadé curates dialogue reflective of their own experience in an effort to highlight the delicate and nuanced ways in which they choose to manoeuvre through the complexities of being. 

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A portrait of a young man in profile with his eyes peacefully closed and his locs held back in a bun.

Drew Sinclair

Drew is an Artist/Graphic designer, creating graphic harvests and facilitating creative embodiment workshops, incorporating Art, sound, movement and origami.

Portrait of Lola Komolafe

Lola Komolafe

Lola Komolafe is a London- based illustrator and graphic designer engaging with the role of design to provide visibility and representation, particularly for minority and underrepresented groups.

Artist Jessica Voorsanger smiling and holding a bunch of flowers

Jessica Voorsanger

Jessica Voorsanger is an American artist living in London. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA) and Goldsmiths College (MA Fine Art), and has had one-person exhibitions in London, New York, Edinburgh, Berlin & Turin.

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