Koby Martin, Unity in Diversity

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Painter Koby Martin, worked in collaboration with young individuals from Southwark Youth Justice to create a new temporary mural.

Koby Martin, Unity in Diversity


This temporary mural by the artist Koby Martin has been co-developed with young people from Southwark Youth Justice Service.


Painter Koby Martin, worked in collaboration with young individuals from Southwark Youth Justice to create a new temporary mural. Martin engaged the group through a series of creative sessions, including poetry, music, and painting. The intention of these workshops was to be an opportunity for growth for the young participants with a focus on themes such as new beginnings and overcoming challenges, allowing them to express through art what they couldn’t always convey in words. Koby hopes to inspire young people experiencing the service to persevere and stay resilient.

Unity in Diversity was a dramatic temporary mural that presented hands working in unison to piece together the parts of ‘funtunfunefu denkyemfunefu’, an Adinkra symbol depicting two crocodiles that share a stomach. This Ghanaian Adrinka symbol is a reminder of the importance of unity and supporting each other to achieve a common goal. Koby’s work highlights the richness of creativity, spirit, and culture in Southwark, emphasising how the project has connected him to the community.

Koby’s commission is part of Peckham Rye Reconnected a community-led creative programme seeking to support engagement and collaboration between leading social artists, local residents and frontline community groups to collaboratively commission and create artworks for Peckham’s historic and iconic Rye Lane.

This co-commission was made possible with generous funding and support from Southwark Youth Justice Service, Arts Council England, Art Fund, London Borough of Southwark’s Culture Together, Cleaner Greener Safer and Neighbourhoods Fund, United St Saviours, and The Grocers’ Charity.

Images © Tolu Elusadé

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