Rye Lane Reconnected



Rye Lane Reconnected is a community-led creative programme seeking to support engagement and collaboration between leading social artists, local residents and frontline community groups to collaboratively commission and create artworks for Peckham’s historic and iconic Rye Lane.

Over the past year, young people from Southwark’s Youth Justice Service, South London Refugee Association, and Inspire Walworth have collaborated with artists including Koby Martin, Tyreis Holder, and Meera Shakti Osborne. Together, they explored community, heritage and identity to reconnect to public spaces on their own terms. 

This co-commission was made possible with generous funding and support from Arts Council England, Art Fund, Culture Together, Cleaner Greener Safer, Neighborhood fund, London Borough of Southwark, and Grocers Foundation.

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Rye Lane Reconnected

Rye Lane Reconnected, a community-led initiative, collaborates with social artists, residents, and community groups to commission artworks for Peckham’s Rye Lane. Young people from Southwark’s Youth Justice Service, South London Refugee Association, and Inspire Walworth, alongside artists like Koby Martin and Tyreis Holder, explore community, heritage, and identity, reclaiming public spaces. Generously funded by Arts Council England, Art Fund, and others.

Yuh Figet Yuhself

November 2019 - April 2020

The project takes its title from a conversation that Bennett had with an older friend. Speaking out of tone, the artist was met with the reply “Yuh Figet Yuhself!”. The statement was made in jest but served as a reminder that she had literally and figuratively forgotten herself.

Koby Martin x Southwark Youth Justice Service

Artist Koby Martin collaborated with Southwark Youth Justice Service, empowering young voices through painting, music, and new beginnings. The workshops allowed youth to shape public artworks reflecting ‘new beginnings,’ ‘opportunities,’ and ‘unity’. Through personalized interactions, Koby fostered trust and valued relationships, amplifying the voices of young participants.


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