Koby Martin x Southwark Youth Justice Service



Workshops with artist Koby Martin and Southwark Youth Justice Service explored expression through painting, music and new beginnings. 

Over the summer of 2023, artist Koby Martin was co-commissioned by Peckham Platform and Southwark Youth Justice Service to deliver a series of workshops where young people led in shaping public artworks that explore the things that are important to them. Through the workshops, the themes that emerged were around ‘new beginnings’, ‘opportunities’ and ‘unity’, which informed this mural. For most of the young people who took part, this was their first experience of using art based methods as a form of expression.

One member of Southwark Youth Justice Service said that “Koby’s 1:1 conversations with each young person made them feel listened to, important and valued. It also helped him build rapport and establish the beginnings of their relationship.”

About Koby Martin

Koby Martin, a proud Ghanaian artist, has cultivated his artistic talent both in his homeland and in the United Kingdom. His art seamlessly merges the influences of his African heritage with the experiences he has encountered in Europe, creating narratives that reflect the amalgamation of these two worlds.

Through introspective autobiographical exploration, Koby delves into the depths of his life, recognizing the importance of self-awareness in understanding any subject matter. His art is a reflection of his belief that self-awareness permeates into every aspect of our daily lives, shaping our psychological and physical experiences.

In Koby’s work, he captures the universal human experience of grappling with emotions, memories, thoughts, and feelings that are inherent to us all. As his art evolves, it expands beyond personal narratives to address broader themes such as identity, social justice, and racial equality. In doing so, Koby’s art becomes a reflection of historical epochs and a documentation of contemporary events, capturing the essence of past and present times.

About Southwark’s Youth Justice Service

Southwark Youth Justice Service is a free government run service for young offenders or individuals that are at risk of offending who are between the ages of  11-17 years old. 

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Koby Martin x Southwark Youth Justice Service

Artist Koby Martin collaborated with Southwark Youth Justice Service, empowering young voices through painting, music, and new beginnings. The workshops allowed youth to shape public artworks reflecting ‘new beginnings,’ ‘opportunities,’ and ‘unity’. Through personalized interactions, Koby fostered trust and valued relationships, amplifying the voices of young participants.

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