Pride of Peckham exhibition Pride of Peckham exhibition

The Pride of Peckham with Azarra Amoy


Peckham Platform is delighted to partner with Maximus and artist Azarra Amoy for The Pride of Peckham Mega Banner which will be on display until March 14 and return throughout the year.


This exhibition is currently open.

74 Peckham High Street

Monday 14 February - Monday 14 March 2022

Located at 74 Peckham High Street, Amoy’s vivid kaleidoscopic graphic collage spans across a seventy-two square meter banner, showcasing a tessellation of vibrant colours and shapes, surrounded by the words Love, Creativity and Community – Amoy’s personal understanding and representation of the area.

Peckham Platform invited Azarra in 2021 to also design artwork on our shop-front buildings with work co-created with Youth Platform, Leaders of Tomorrow, Walworth Golden Oldies and Peckham Park Baptist Youth Group.

This project was made possible by generous support from Arts Council England and Maxmius.
We are launching a new home on Peckham Square that we hope will become a space for connection for everyone in Peckham, putting culture and creativity at the heart of our area’s future recovery. While work is underway, we’ll be delivering events and installations in different venues across Peckham – sign up to our newsletter to receive all our news.

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