Sewn Together


Artist Barbara Majek leads a 12-week Youth Platform programme exploring textiles and mindfulness with young people in Southwark.


This project is currently active.

Online via Zoom

30 September – 16 December 2021

5.30pm – 7.00pm

Barbara Majek is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher experimenting with the complexities of bicultural identities. Working with the Peckham Platform Learning team, participants meet on Zoom to develop new skills, create collaborative work and receive support for their individual development. 

Participants learn:

  • A variety of stitches including back stitch and french loop
  • How artists story tell, archive, and relay information to an audience through fabric
  • The purpose of texture
  • An understanding of how social activities are connected to art and wellbeing

Participants receive:

  • mentoring
  • professional development opportunities
  • wellbeing support
  • help with portfolio development
  • advice and connections towards entry points into the creative industries and beyond
  • a free box of materials to support their participation in the online sessions

Youth Platform gives its members freedom and space to take part in the creative activities and meet new people. It works to support young people in Peckham and Southwark, particularly those currently underrepresented in the creative industries, to realise their ambitions. If you’d like to join us, please email

Youth Platform is supported by The Portal Trust, Art Fund, Arts Council England, and Charterhouse Southwark

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