Meera Shakti Osborne x Inspire Walworth



Artist Meera Shakti Osborne hosted a series of workshops at Inspire Walworth centred around listening and sharing, feeling comfortable, and having fun. Through writing, image making and discussion the group explored what their areas mean to them. From how they navigate the challenges and embrace the things they love.

What reminds you of your area?

What are your favourite things to do outside your house?

Where do you feel welcome?

Where do you feel safe?

One workshop participant shared: “I haven’t drawn since year 10, and after that first session with Meera where we drew and did those activities, I went home and started drawing – now I even have a sketchbook on me today.”

About Meera Shakti Osborne

Meera Shakti Osborne is a London-based art practitioner and youth worker, dedicated to collective healing through creative expression. Their work fosters accessibility and confidence in formal education and casual settings alike. Meera recently hosted a workshop centred around listening and sharing, feeling comfortable and having fun. 

Meera is currently a Studio Voltaire resident artist, a Research Associate at InIVA, and visiting lecturer at UAL. They have exhibited widely, including at Cubitt Gallery (2023) and collaborated with institutions like Nottingham Contemporary and Peckham Platform. Meera has an upcoming solo exhibition at PEER Gallery (2024) and a painting series at the Women’s Museum in Barking (March 2024). 

About Inspire Walworth

Inspire Walworth is a community-driven charity based in the London borough of Southwark. With commitment to community development and support, Inspire Walworth focuses on supporting local individuals and families facing disadvantages. Through a wide range of programmes and initiatives, Inspire Walworth strives to create opportunities for growth, foster resilience, inspire hope and much more.

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Meera Shakti Osborne x Inspire Walworth

London-based art practitioner Meera Shakti Osborne hosted workshops at Inspire Walworth, exploring the significance of participants’ areas through writing, image-making, and discussion. Participants rediscovered creativity, comfort, and fun while reflecting on what made their neighborhoods special.

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