Architectural drawing of the new Peckham Platform space Architectural drawing of the new Peckham Platform space

Successful Award – Arts Council England’s Capital Investment


We are pleased to receive £380,000 from Arts Council England's Capital Investment Programme


Tuesday 10 May 2022

This award will enable us to establish a new home on Peckham Square. The space, created with the vision of being ‘Everyone’s Platform’, will ensure that Peckham Platform has the ability to expand its reach and impact, working with local communities to create culturally significant art projects.

Opening in 2023 the venue will include a gallery and workshop spaces – making our permanent home more visible, accessible and welcoming to communities.

“We are overjoyed. This funding is a hugely meaningful endorsement of our work, and an incredible opportunity for Peckham’s resident and creative communities. This is a pivotal moment for our organisation. The work we do can be transformative to peoples’ lives and this grant allows us to significantly expand our activity and ensure the future development of Social Art practice for communities in Peckham and beyond.” Nephertiti Oboshie Schandorf, Artistic Director

Peckham Platform’s Chair, Péjú Oshin adds: “Peckham Platform ensures everyone has equal access to connect with, influence and create art through its socially engaged practice. It creates a safe space for people to question, and I believe the world is in need of safer spaces like ours. This award will enable Peckham Platform to embark on its next significant phase to deliver its vision.”

Darren Henley, Chief Executive, Arts Council England said “World class creativity and culture needs a resilient and sustainable infrastructure to allow it to flourish. With these investments in the buildings, equipment, and digital systems of cultural organisations across England, we are helping to secure the future of that infrastructure, and making sure that people from every part of the country can continue enjoying all the benefits it delivers for years to come.”

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Tyreis Holder x South London Refugee Association

Artist Tyreis Holder collaborated with South London Refugee Association in workshops exploring therapeutic textile use. Youth discovered creative freedom, patterns, and design, shaping a public artwork. Participants found newfound self-expression, empowering their creative minds.

Waum Fi Dem?

October 2021 - June 2022

This project celebrates the distinct dialogues of a multi-generational group of participants and mediums of ‘insistent archiving’ that preserve the wealth and variance of these narratives.

Koby Martin x Southwark Youth Justice Service

Artist Koby Martin collaborated with Southwark Youth Justice Service, empowering young voices through painting, music, and new beginnings. The workshops allowed youth to shape public artworks reflecting ‘new beginnings,’ ‘opportunities,’ and ‘unity’. Through personalized interactions, Koby fostered trust and valued relationships, amplifying the voices of young participants.


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