NewsYuh Figet Yuhself with Beverley Bennett


Yuh Figet Yuhself is a creative programme co-led by an intergenerational group of Peckham residents and multi-disciplinary artist Beverley Bennett..

Working remotely over the course of 10-weeks members of the Golden Oldies, Leaders of Tomorrow and Peckham Park Baptist Church Youth Group will develop a programme of activities and create an artwork and archive formed of sound, precious metal, ceramics and audio. Embedded within this artistic programme are practical contributions such as care parcels containing hot meals delivered by volunteers, data bundles, craft supplies, and access to therapy and mentoring for participants.

“Jamaican patois or Jamaican Creole is direct and I am constantly fascinated with its power to leave you with a sting.”
Artist Beverley Bennett

The programme takes its title from a conversation that Bennett had with an older friend. Speaking out of tone, the artist was met with the reply “Yuh Figet Yuhself!”. The statement was made in jest but served as a reminder that she had literally and figuratively forgotten herself. Double meaning is a constant feature in Caribbean patois and with roots in Africa based in Wolof, Igbo/Ibo, Mbunda, Ga and Twi providing the foundations that become “remixed” through speech. Yuh Figet Yuhself works to uncover those roots by drawing on the ability of language and shared diasporic heritage to reconnect and support those experiencing displacement or social estrangement.

About Tilting the Mirror

Developed as part of Creative Civic Change, Tilting the Mirror is a new intergenerational and cross-cultural 3-year project led by The Peckham Partnership. The project exists to establish a greater knowledge and understanding of community-led cultural activity by supporting resident leadership through placemaking and art-based practice.

Yuh Figet Yuhself is the first artistic commission from the Peckham Partnership. In the context of growing inequality, the project seeks to ‘tilt the mirror’ on negative perceptions of Peckham by platforming those who often struggle to be heard in the process of regeneration.

Tilting the Mirror is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Local Trust Creative Civic Change and the City Bridge Trust.