Waum Fi Dem?


Waum Fi Dem? is the third co-commissioned project as part of the Peckham Platform Tilting the Mirror programme. Waum Fi Dem? is co-led by Peckham Platform and an intergenerational group of Peckham residents with the interdisciplinary design collective Resolve Collective.


This project is currently active.

Research & workshops, various venues

October 2021 - June 2022

The project celebrates the distinct dialogues of a multi-generational group of participants and mediums of ‘insistent archiving’ that preserve the wealth and variance of these narratives.

Working with members of the Golden Oldies, Leaders of Tomorrow and Peckham Park Baptist Church, Youth Group Resolve Collective will collectively challenge and champion the stories of Peckham residents. This collaborative co-designed project will take shape through research and a series of workshops with the groups using experimental methods of storytelling, recording, and experiences, documented from different time periods in the area.

Stories have off-shoot narratives that precede and survive it, many of which are being lost, obscured, and co-opted in a rapidly changing city where persistence so often requires insistence.


This project is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Local Trust Creative Civic Change and the City Bridge Trust.

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Sewn Together 'Yoruba-Civilisation',2019 Embroidery on Velvet Zuleika Lebow

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