‘Money Distribution Machine and Other Useful Contraptions’ invites you explore a range of goods suggested by Three C’s users including coin pressing, voucher printing, plate spinning, chocolate pressing and seed bomb making.

Money Distribution Machine and Other Useful Contraptions

‘Money Distribution Machine, Chocolate Converter’, Let-Others-be-Nice-To-Me Device and a Perfect Baby Dispenser. These are just a few desired appliances for life that have arisen from workshops and conversations between the artist Kathrin Böhm and service users at Three Cs, an organisation for people with learning disabilities and mental health challenges on Rye Lane.

‘Money Distribution Machine and Other Useful Contraptions’ is Peckham Platform’s second commission as an independent organisation, and the collaborative project follows artist Böhm’s interest in collective envisioning and communal production structures. For the exhibition Böhm will gather the results of the workshops alongside other unusual devices and automata by invited artists and organisations, including Tim Hunkin’s videos of ‘home made slot machines’, Blake Fall-Conroy’s ‘Minimum Wage Machine, a device for ‘instant animation production’ by Technology Will Save Us as well as a series of automatafrom the Mechanical Cabaret Theatre.

Böhm said: ‘So called mad machines, whether imagined or physical, are a sharp portrait of our time and – like caricatures – they mimic a collective state of mind.’

The centrepiece of the exhibition will be the “Apparatus”, a multifunctional device to produce a range of goods suggested by Three C’s users including facilitating coin pressing, voucher printing, plate spinning, chocolate pressing and seed bomb making. The Apparatus and a Saturday Café will be operated by Three C’s users, extending the organisation’s activities into the wider public realm.

A large spin-painting device will be mounted outside the gallery on Peckham Square each Sunday between 10.30 – 1pm by East Dulwich paint shop Colour Makes People Happy.

The exhibition is part of the Anxiety 2014, a new London-wide arts festival, curated by the Mental Health Foundation and taking place throughout June. The festival explores anxiety, looking at its causes, how it affects all of our lives, and how it can act as a creative force. It brings together leading and emerging artists to address anxiety from different angles: from medical, social and historical perspectives to individual, collective and contemporary viewpoints. Anxiety 2014 presents a dynamic programme of visual art, film, performance, music, dance, theatre and talks spanning venues across London, including leading art organisations, universities, health care institutions and community centres. anxiety2014.org

Sunday Spin Sessions

Every Sunday 10:30am – 12:30

Don’t miss out on our Summer Sunday Spin Sessions! Join the spin painting craze for the best fun ever each and every Sunday throughout this exhibition courtesy of Colour Makes People Happy. Look out for us outside the gallery on Peckham Square at the Farmers Market!


Event: Artist Talk
Date: 27/06/2014
Panel: Kathrin Böhm in conversation with David Boyle from the New Economics Foundation and CEO and founder of CoolTan Arts Michelle Baharier.

Description: A round table discussion on “money distribution” . Kathrin Böhm explores the suggestive title of the exhibition and will address the more general issues of distribution of wealth, community economies, local currencies and the economics of mental health.