Peckham Platform announces Platform Press House – a brand new publishing house formed and run by young people from the gallery’s Youth Platform programme in collaboration with artist Harold Offeh.

Platform Press HousePeckham Platform, SE15

Platform Press House goes to print at Peckham Platform. Together the Youth Platform and Harold Offeh form the editorial board of a publishing house that will present work from within the group alongside contributions from the wider Peckham community.

Platform Press House aspires to build on the rich legacy of radical, small independent publishing houses in London and beyond that have created opportunities for artists, writers and creative thinkers.

From 2 June to 31 July 2016 the project will transform Peckham Platform into Platform Press House. This summer residency and exhibition will redefine and question the contemporary role of the publishing house, animating the gallery as a live publication in text, image, video and audio. The content will reflect the editorial board’s diverse interests across poetry, art, music, dance, politics and social issues and will exhibit material produced by the editorial team alongside guest publications including local zines, reproductions of books and articles and political pamphlets. A live production space will encourage visitors to contribute to the development of a run of new publications that will take shape across the exhibition. Visitors to the gallery will be able to explore the resources and respond to provocations from the editors as they make their own contributions to the project.

Developed through a series of workshops with Offeh, the group’s initial conversations were framed by the cultural practice of Call and Response. Call and Response is a form of communication and dialogue associated but not exclusively from Africa. Most commonly occurring in musical genres like: Jazz, Blues, Gospel & Hip-hop, it sets up a framework to look at forms of communications, knowledge, power and agency.

Harold Offeh said:

“This project emerges out of a series of conversations and activities with the Youth Platform. Its collective aim is to use both the traditions and current forms of alternative and radical publishing to give voice to the concerns and interests of the Youth Platform members.

We hope to send out a series of calls: invitations to audiences that will allow us to capture their creative responses. Platform Press hopes to redefine the exhibition as an open and ongoing publication, a site and platform for the production and distribution of ideas and practices.”

Platform Press House will exist in dialogue with visitors. Its publications, outputs and events are calls eliciting a response from audiences who will be invited to contribute, starting further conversations with the editors.

The programme will be complemented by a series of events including a Zine Fair, artist talk, an open editorial session and contributions from Fine Art students at Central St Martins.

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Event: Artist Talk and Workshop, Platform Press House
Date: 07/07/2016
Panel: Harold Offeh in conversation with Bryony Beynon and Georgia Anderson from MayDay Rooms
Venue: Peckham Platform

Description: In this artist talk and open editorial meeting Harold Offeh, friends from MayDay Rooms and Youth Platform Editorial Board explore the legacy of radical, small independent publishing houses and self publishers in London and beyond.