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Yes Make

Yes Make specialise in public spaces and community projects in London and beyond.

Small Island Vibes

4–7 August 2022
Small Island Vibes is a four-day weekend of art, music and performance on Peckham Square. Bringing together intergenerational communities of African, Caribbean and Latin-x heritage, the free exhibition offers space for critical enquiry through reading groups, changemaking workshops and resident consultation accompanied by food, conversations and family activities. The programme is updated regularly. Check back […]

Small Island Vibes: Library Sound System

4–7 August 2022
We believe that libraries and sound systems are important social spaces for learning and joy as well as activism and protection. For our 2022 Summer Programme Yes Make have created a temporary structure, on Peckham Square. The structure holds a free access Library that includes poetry, fiction and art texts as well as a sound […]

Zuleika Lebow: Creative Approaches workshop

Tuesday 2 November 2021 (Recording now online)
Now available as a recording is Peckham Platform’s Youth Platform zoom workshop with Zuleika Lebow, an artist, writer and educator born and raised in London.


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